This will cover topics of Cyber Security Assessment and Awareness with a view to creating deeper level of knowledge and skill for our faculty and engineers.

It will cover topics from the complete kill chain 

This is baseline cyber security knowledge test to measure the skill level of all fresh rookies in the companies.

It will have all type of questions testing the level of Knowledge and skills on the following topics:

  • Linux and Windows OS Knowledge
  • Use of Bash Scripting and Windows PowerShell
  • Basic Kali Linux Tools Knowledge to carrying :
    • Reconnaisance and Scanning
    • How to audit email servers
    • How to configure Firewalls
    • How to Scan and Audit Network Devices with NMap and Wireshark
    • How to find and audit  Web  Application Testing based on OWASP Top Ten
    • Countermeasure defensive techniques against Cyber Attack