Cyber Security

Designed to help learners develop a deeper understanding of modern information and system protection technology and methods. This course provides learners with a baseline understanding of common cyber security threats, vulnerabilities, risks, and the basics of cyber defence.

Secure Coding

Designed to provide programmers, project managers or software architects an indication on the methodological bases, standards (as Owasp best practices) and tools for developing secure code, avoiding the inclusion of bugs or vulnerabilities in the programs.

Mobile Forensics

Designed to build a foundation of knowledge and skills around mobile forensics. Through this course, you'll learn how to apply mobile forensics concepts to investigations, including discovering different types of evidence, analyzing and extracting that evidence from different types of mobile devices, and reporting your forensics findings.

Machine Learning

This Machine Learning course offers an in-depth overview of Machine Learning topics including working with real-time data, developing algorithms using supervised & unsupervised learning, regression, classification, and time series modeling

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